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The physicians and staff of Michigan Avenue Hearing Health appreciate your trust in us as your medical providers. We hope that you will find the following information helpful. Review answers to other hearing health questions and contact our office if you have any additional questions.

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How do I get to Michigan Avenue Hearing Health?

Michigan Ave. Hearing Health offices are conveniently located at 180 N Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, in Suite 1616. To access driving directions, get information on the closest CTA train routes and nearby parking facilities, and more (including one-click booking with Lyft), visit the Contact page.

Are hearing aids covered by health insurance?

Your health insurance provider may cover the costs of many hearing health services including screenings, tests, and in some cases hearing aids, depending on the patients individual care plan and their state’s healthcare policies. 

What is Michigan Avenue Hearing Health?

Michigan Avenue Hearing Health is a full service provider of hearing related care.  We test hearing, evaluate for hearing aids, fit and dispense hearing aids, assess tinnitus, provide custom ear protection, demonstrate hearing aid and assistive listening technology, repair and or reprogram hearing aids, and offer brain training to improve listening skills especially in difficult situations.  We evaluate and find solutions to fit your needs!

What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring a photo ID and your insurance cards. If you have a copy of a previous hearing test please bring that as well. You are welcome to bring a loved one or trusted friend!
How do I make an appointment?
Michigan Avenue Hearing Health is scheduled to launch at the end of 2019. For immediate assistance, please contact us or visit one of our other clinics – Michigan Avenue Primary Care, Michigan Avenue Immediate Care, or Michigan Avenue ENT.
Do I need to make a payment at the time of my visit?
Please check with your insurance regarding coverage. If you have a copay for the hearing evaluation this may be paid at the time of your visit. Payment for hearing aids are due in full at time of your hearing aid fitting.
Do I receive the results of the hearing test immediately?
Yes, results are interpreted and explained immediately after the exam.
How is Michigan Avenue Hearing Health different from other hearing health practices?

Michigan Avenue Hearing Health specializes in customized care for adults with hearing loss, and various hearing aid needs. Our experts provide optimal enhanced quality of life for each patient with the most up to date innovative solutions and smart technology options available.

What is Tinnitus?
Patients with tinnitus typically experience ringing, hissing, buzzing, or whistling within one or both ears. Affecting 15-20 percent of people, Tinnitus can be caused by age-related hearing loss, exposure to loud sound, side effects from medication or even too much ear wax, among other reasons. Learn more about the treatment for tinnitus at Michigan Avenue Hearing Health.
At what age should people be concerned about hearing loss?
Hearing loss can be a problem for people at any age which is why ear protection is important. Attendees of high-decibel music or sporting events, or workings at construction or industrial sites are often most susceptible to hearing loss and should consider a thorough hearing evaluation to keep their hearing at its absolute best.
How do I know if my hearing aid needs repair?
Any degradation in performance is likely a reason to have a professional check in on the state of your hearing aids. Most often, these devices may simply be clogged with earwax and not experiencing serious technical difficulties more severe than a low battery (which does qualify as a hearing aid repair).
What is a hearing aid evaluation?
Hearing aid evaluations are meant to determine how well human speech is heard in both quiet and noisy environments (like restaurants) and to measure what level of sound is comfortable. The typical evaluation includes an in-depth hearing needs assessment to determine your specific communication requirements, your preferred style of hearing aid, and the features and technology necessary to address your hearing issues.
Does it take long to adjust to hearing aids?
Most people can adjust quickly to wearing hearing aid devices but it depends on the person. It is important to remember that when used consistently the brain learns to adjust to the new sounds.

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