Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair in Chicago at Michigan Avenue Hearing Health

The diagnostic team at Michigan Avenue Hearing Health are experts in hearing aid repair and can help keep your hearing at its absolute best

Like any other high-precision instrument, hearing aids need regular diagnostic evaluations, to ensure that they run at peak performance.  Protect your investment by scheduling an appointment with our downtown office on Michigan Avenue for hearing aid repair or a thorough hearing aid check-up with one of our expert hearing specialists.

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If you own a hearing aid, then you already know that they can cost a pretty penny.  And since they’re so tiny, these amazing marvels of micro-technology need very special care.  Like a high-precision sports car needs specially trained mechanics to keep that expensive piece of machinery running at full-throttle, hearing aids need expert hearing specialists to maintain these micro-marvels, so they perform at peak efficiency.

But How do I Know if My Hearing Aid Needs a Check-Up?

If your hearing aids have been under performing as of late, it might be due to wax, either in the hearing aids or in the ears and not due to a technical defect.  The device might just need a good cleaning.  Earwax can easily clog tiny spaces and holes in the hearing aid, muffling peak audio capacity.  Wiping away the wax with a dry cloth and changing the wax filters and domes can typically remove the blockage in a jiffy.  A depleted battery can also cause reduced functionality in the device as well.  If these simple solutions don’t solve the problem, then a consultation with an expert hearing specialist is the next step.  At Michigan Avenue Hearing Health we will check your ears for wax as well as check the hearing aids.  

How do I Find Audiologists Near Me?

Ask any search engine.  But finding Chicago hearing aid repair locations is the easy part.  The hard part is ascertaining whether the facility has technicians who are experts in your special hearing aid model.

Why waste your time typing hearing aid repair near me when you can simply make an appointment at Michigan Avenue Hearing Health.  We’re conveniently located on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  Our expert hearing specialists can troubleshoot all types of hearing aids, with some repairs done while you wait.  We can also teach you how to change the wax guards on your own device as well.  If we do need to send your unit back to the manufacturer for any reason, the turnaround time is typically about one week.  We will honor all hearing aid manufacturers’ warranties and if you are not sure if it is covered we will find out for you.  

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