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The Hearing Aid fitting is vital for actively listening to your friends, family and co-workers

Learn more below about the process of hearing aid fitting and dispensing at Michigan Avenue Hearing Health, or schedule an appointment now to speak with one of our highly-qualified hearing aid fitting specialists.

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The Fitting Process

Following a comprehensive hearing evaluation and hearing aid evaluation, hearing aids may be recommended. The next step is the hearing aid fitting and dispensing. This process includes custom programming of your hearing aids according to your individual hearing test results, hearing aid verification using real ear equipment and an orientation for hands-on practice with your devices.

During the device fitting process, we will evaluate how well your hearing aids are actually working by using real ear measurements.  This state of the art equipment has tiny microphones that measure how the hearing aids are working inside your ears.  This will ensure that your hearing aids are programmed for your hearing loss as well as for your individual ear anatomy giving you the best response possible from your hearing instruments.    

You will learn how to insert, remove, clean and store your hearing aids, and practice handling your new instruments in the comfort of our office with support from a hearing health professional at every step.  We will help you acclimate to your hearing aids so that you are comfortable wearing your aids on a daily basis.  

Smart Technology for Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing aids have come a long way in terms of their technological sophistication over the past few decades.

If applicable, we will pair your hearing aids to your phone and teach you how to accept calls to your hearing aids or stream music or podcasts. We will even teach you how to adjust your hearing aids using your phone as a remote control.

Ongoing Support for the Perfect Fit

What makes Michigan Avenue Hearing Health the right choice for hearing aids is the ongoing support that is provided. Not only are follow-up visits scheduled in order to monitor your progress and improvement, but highly-qualified fitting specialists are available to address any questions or requests for adjustments from our convenient downtown Chicago location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids

How do You Wear a Hearing Aid?
These devices are worn behind the ear or in the ear canal depending on the recommendation by your hearing health specialist.
What are the Parts of The Device?
Hearing aids have three main parts: a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker.
How long do hearing aids last?
When used and maintained properly, these devices can last three to five years.
Does it take long to adjust to hearing aids?
Most people can adjust quickly to wearing these devices but it depends on the person.  It is important to remember that when used consistently the brain learns to adjust to the new sounds.  
Are hearing aids covered by health insurance?
Your health insurance provider may cover the costs of many hearing health services including screenings, tests, and in some cases hearing aids, depending on the patients individual care plan and their state’s healthcare policies.

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