Common Questions About Tinnitus

If the ringing, buzzing or hissing sounds in your head or ears is becoming overwhelming, it’s time to consult an audiologist as you may have tinnitus.

Michigan Avenue Hearing Health has put together some of the most common questions related to tinnitus and provided some answers to help you understand this condition, why it mayhappen, and the treatment options available. 

How Common is Tinnitus? 

Nearly 15% of the population (or 50 million people) experience tinnitus according to the American Tinnitus Association. Only 20% of those however seem medical care.  

Does tinnitus ever go away on its own?

While the symptoms associated with tinnitus can lessen with time, if it continues for several days, weeks or months, it’s absolutely neccessary that you consult a qualified audiologist in your area to determine if there is a more substantive auditory malfunction.

Can tinnitus be cured naturally without pharmaceutical drugs?

Know that there are numerous opportunities to treat tinnitus, but there is currently no natural remedy or over-the-counter drug that will be useful in treating this condition over the long term.

What foods are good for tinnitus sufferers?

There is a great deal of debate about whether food intake can lessen the discomfort of tinnitus sufferers. While maintain a healthy diet and staying hydrated are advised for everyone, those suffering from tinnitus may find some relief in foods high in potassium such as bananas or those known to have anti-inflammatory properties including leafy greens, nuts, fruits and fish. 

Interested in learning more about tinnitus? 

Discover the most common causes of tinnitus, available treatment options, and preventitive measures you can take to ensure your hearing health.


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